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Reverse is a design consultancy formed by professionals focused on bringing successful, visionary and quality solutions to our partners. Their approach within the design business and industry embraces different creative fields:
- Digital Experiences
- Product Design
- Spatial Design
- Art Direction
- Branding

reverse is deeply centered on the necessities of their partners and how to continue growing together, seeking projects that challenge us to go one step further to design successful solutions and products. They are fuelled by a
close working relationship with our partners, transforming our inner thoughts into vivid design solutions that are connected to customers and their lifestyles.

At reverse, they take advantage of a deep
understanding about global and local markets, trends, industry,
engineering solutions, and innovations looking forward to embrace the new paradigm.


Innovativt Design

Design og udvikling prioriteres højt, og vi lægger vægt på at udvide vores sortiment med fokus på fremtidens trends – hvor konkurrencedygtige priser og kvalitet naturligt følges ad. Vores vision er at levere møbler i innovativt design, hvor kvalitet, service og produktudvikling er i højsædet.