Setphoto Broholm NordO120 White oil HR
CASØ Broholm
Caso P 69 Broholm highboard smoked oil HR Kopi
CASØ Broholm


Watch quality and functionality go hand-in-hand in this series of danish designed furniture in oak wood. 

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The CASØ Broholm series is a new, innovative series of furniture of great quality and lovely, danish design. The series works as an extension of the widely popular CASØ Nord series, which is characterized by exceptionally crafted details, contributing to the overall exclusive expression.  

The Danish design is an earmark for CASØ Furniture and is something that we are very proud of. All furniture pieces in this series show a modern and innovative design, that hasn't lost the classic twist. The slat doors work as a calming contrast to the wildwood on glass doors and drawers. 

The entire Broholm series is produced in partly solid oak. The series is available in two different color variations, white oil, and smoked oil. Where white oil gives a light and easy expression, the smoked oil will bring more warmth, glow, and life to the wood. 

CASØ Broholm is, like the remaining CASØ series, kept in stock in both of the previously mentioned variations. This will ensure a standard delivery time of two-three weeks. 

Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.