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RIMME Standard

RIMME by CASØ Standard:

We offer a series of popular configurations from the original RIMME program. These are stocked in oak treated with white oil or natural oil, ensuring quick delivery. The series is designed for those seeking a classic and sleek expression, where Danish design tradition meets quality and functionality.

An era continues with respect for the original craftmanship...
It is with pride, that CASØ Furniture has secured the right to continue the proud craftmanship, that RIMME's Møbelfabrik started back in 1963. In countless decades since, has RIMME's Møbelfabrik provided Danish as well as Scandinavian homes with quality furniture. 

RIMME by CASØ Standard is a collection of the most popular standard arrangements from the original RIMME program, and all variants are stocked in both oak/white oil and walnut/oil. This means, that the deliverytime om RIMME BY CASØ Standard is very short. 

RIMME by CASØ Standard is for all those, who wants a classic and stylish look, where quality and functionality goes hand in hand with the classic danish design. 


Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.