CASO 230 Highboard smoked
CASØ 230 highboard

CASØ 230 highboard

By reverse
  • Dimensions124 x 132 x 40 cm
  • MaterialsOak
  • Designed byreverse
  • Furniture SeriesCASØ 230

CASØ 230 highboard is designed by the Spanish design duo OrtegaGuijarro in cooperation with CASØ Furniture. The design for this highboard is, like the rest of the 230 series, inspired by the nordic nature and atmosphere.

The CASØ 230 highboard really is a great and practical furniture piece with lots of storage opportunities, with 2 doors in the top part. Here you get the possibility to choose between herringbone doors or slat doors. Each door hides one wooden shelf for a practical division of the storage space.

The bottom half is occupied by two large drawers and an open space. Both drawers are equipped with soft close. Above the drawers is another open space with two wooden shelves. Here you have the opportunity to light up your things with two-sided light clips.     

This series is stocked in two color variations, that are both chosen with specific thoughts on telling the story of this series the best way possible. The two variations are:
Oak / natural oil
Oak / smoked oil 

OrtegaGuijarro Pic BW 01 cut out

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