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Coffee tables, desks & lamp tables

Coffee tables and small tables for lamps (side tables and end tables)

At CASØ Furniture we focus on both design, shape, trendy colors, good materials, and the high degree of usability. Our coffee tables and lamp tables (side tables and end tables) are made of the best materials, and here on our web shop you can find coffee tables and lamp tables made of e.g. powder coated metal, white oiled oak wood, black stained oak wood, and oak wood/black metal.
In our big assortment of lamp tables and coffee tables, there are also designs that are inspired by the retro style of the 1950s. You also find sets of tables with varying measurements. For example, you can find table sets with measurements like 140x80x52 centimeters and 60x60x52 centimeters. Like many of our other designs, these are available in different looks. Take a look around on our website and be inspired to decorate the cozy section of your living room.


Coffee tables and lamp tables made of wood

At CASØ Furniture we focus a lot on wood. This is because wood is a great natural material, that is durable, timeless, lovely, and practical. Because of the oak wood’s great properties and nice texture, we use this type of wood in particular for our pieces of furniture.

We produce and sell a big selection of coffee tables and lamp tables, and more often than not, at least one of the parts will be made of wood. One example could be a table with a wooden top and a metal frame. Regarding the wooden table tops, they are often available in various colors/treatments.
As we produce and sell several different sets of tables, where you get two tables in various sizes, you can therefore shove the small one in under the big one, and they thereby function as nests of tables. But because of the beautiful designs and lovely wood texture in all variants, you can easily split up the set by placing one of the tables and using that as the coffee table and then use the smaller one in a corner and maybe put a lamp or a plant on it.

In our assortment of furniture, you also find tables, that are particularly useful for placing a lamp on, and we call those lamp tables. Other names for tables like this are e.g. side tables, nightstands, telephone tables, and end tables.

Cozy decoration with e.g. an oak wood coffee table

Oak wood is a great material as it is easy to handle, beautiful, and practical. It is the perfect material to make furniture of, as it has a high durability and is easy to polish and repaint, if that should be necessary after the wear over time has subjected the wood’s surface to filth, scratches, nicks, and sunlight. The wood gets a natural patina with time, and the surface will therefore get darker.

You can easily use oak wood furniture to make your home cozy with. Wood is a warm material, as it does not attract cold like metal, tiles, concrete, and other kinds of hard materials do. The wood therefore doesn’t just have a softer look but seems warmer too. Wood is often warmer to the touch than other materials, even though the two things have been subjected to the same temperature.

When you decorate your home with wooden tables from CASØ Furniture – regardless of whether it is a coffee table or a lamp table – you will get a good and durable product in a timeless and hard-wearing design.

Nests of tables and table with or without a shelf

Some of the distinguishing features, that characterize the coffee tables and lamp tables in our assortment, are features such as pull-out function, insertion/compactness, flaps, and a shelf in the lower part. As we have a broad selection, you can always find lamp tables and coffee tables with and without a built-in shelf, and you can also always find a good assortment of tables, that can be extended or inserted under each other.

When you choose a practical solution, you can optimize the space in your home. That is particularly useful if you live in a small space and want to have the opportunity to set the table for several people at your sofa group. A practical solution with either a nest of tables or a coffee table with a flap at one end or both saves space on a daily basis but provides you with the option to get more table space in your cozy corner.

The fact that we make and sell coffee tables and lamp tables both with and without a shelf gives you ample opportunity to decorate your living room in the exact way you wish. If you for example choose the lamp table Thor 5, that has a shelf, you get a practical place for your cozy lighting, and at the same time you also get a perfect place to put magazines, newspapers, and advertising circulars.

Fancy herringbone patterned coffee table

Our assortment of coffee tables and lamp tables is not complete, if we don’t also have a model with a herringbone pattern. Our models with a herringbone pattern are part of the CASØ Sildeben furniture series.

The furniture that we make and sell is marketed toward sellers, so if you, as a private person, would like to get your hands on our herringbone patterned coffee table, you can locate dealers of the product by clicking on it and then clicking on "Locate dealer". The feature of clicking "Locate dealer" applies to all products, and this is helpful if you would like to know where you can buy the specific piece of furniture.

There are lots of good reasons for choosing a herringbone pattern for your interior. One of the reasons is that the special pattern gives the piece of furniture a dynamic look. It is especially a good idea with herringbone patterned furniture if you already have other pieces with this pattern and need a coffee table that will fit in perfectly.

Products from CASØ Furniture

No matter if you are a dealer or a private person, we hope that you have found a lot of coffee tables and/or lamp tables that appeal to you. At CASØ Furniture we are committed to delivering good products so both vendors and end users are happy with them. This commitment also applies to our lamp tables and coffee tables.
If you have any questions regarding our products, or if you would like to buy a product, please contact one of our many dealers.

Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.