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Dining tables

Dining tables in Danish design and high quality:

At CASØ Furniture, Danish design and high product quality go hand in hand. Our dining tables are primarily made of oak wood, but we also create stylish pieces of e.g. ash wood. Some products are made of a mix between different materials.

Sets that include dining tables and dining chairs

If a room is to be decorated in the best way possible, it is a great idea to choose pieces of furniture that are made in the same overall design and the same material. For this reason, you find CASØ Furniture sets that include several types of furniture. This is also true for the dining tables that our business partners produce at their factories. All of our furniture is designed in Denmark, and the focus is on practical use as well as the aesthetics.

Some dining tables are part of a big furniture series that spans over everything from coffee tables and desks to dining chairs, and TV cabinets.

Mix and match furniture from all of our sets

We strive to keep an overall aesthetic in mind, when we design all of our furniture, and the individual pieces can therefore easily be mixed and matched to other furniture series. However, when choosing furniture that come from the same set, you are sure to get matching pieces that complement each other perfectly, and the color/material on one piece of furniture matches the color/material on others, if the individual pieces are made of the same wood.

Bear in mind that wood matures naturally and gets patinated with time. So, if you have an older piece of furniture, its color might differ from that of a new one, even though the furniture pieces are from the same set.

Round, rectangle or square dining tables

A dining room is one of the main rooms in any home. And because people have different needs, and because their dining room area can vary a lot in terms of style and size, it is worth considering having a dining table with the right size and shape.

A small home requires a small dining table, and one of the small round ones would be perfect for such a home. On the other hand, a big house probably has a big dining room or a living room with lots of space for a dining table and complementing dining chairs. And in this case, a big dining table that can be extended is a great idea. If you click on the individual product to read more, it will typically state whether the dining table has a compartment for the removable table tops, or whether they are stored separately.

Whatever the need is, and whatever style the dining room has, CASØ Furniture’s assortment of dining tables is sure to provide the optimal piece.

One dining table with several looks

Even though our focus is on oak as the primary material, we make furniture in other materials as well.
When it comes to our oak dining tables, it is often possible to choose between several finishes. Our products can either be untreated, have a laminate top, or oiled. The surface treatment varies according to the specific product, but in most cases, you can choose e.g. white or clear oil treatment or a black stained wood finish.

Danish design and a large dealer network

When choosing one or more pieces of furniture from CASØ Furniture, you get a solid design piece. Our focus is on durability, pleasing design, practical use and complementarity. Furniture from our business partners’ factories is a good choice, as we strive to create each piece carefully, so that it can last for a long time and provide daily joy for its owner.

As CASØ Furniture is a Danish company, it is very important to us, that all of our furniture is designed in Denmark. We do not sell furniture directly to customers, but we sell to them indirectly via our many dealers, that are spread throughout Europe.

Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.