Caso P 20 701 table ps2
CASØ 700 extendable

CASØ 700 extendable

By Steffensen&Würtz

CASØ 701 extendable is for all those, who would like the opportunity to quickly set the table for the entire family. It is possible to extend the table with up to 3 meters, which gives it a total possible length of 5 meters. The CASØ extendable table comes with 3 extension plates that can all be stored withinin the table, which has room for a total of 6 extension plates for the full length.  

The table is produced in oak and has a special construction, which allows for the legs to split apart when extended. This makes sure that the table is stable even at its full length. 

CASØ 701 extendable is stocked in 2 variants:
Oak/white oil  
Oak/white oil w. stone laminate

CASØ 701 extendable is treated with white oil, which makes the tree light and very nice to look at while it is easier to maintain.


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