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Dining chairs

Chairs and dining chairs in oak:

The chairs on this page are primarily designed to be used at a dining table. Several of the chairs in oak are optimal matches for specific dining tables, as the general design is very similar. Even though the chairs are meant to be used as dining chairs, you are welcome to use them in the home office or as an armchair, where you can sit back and relax and maybe read a book or watch TV.
At CASØ Furniture we love oak wood, and you can therefore find a wide assortment of dining chairs in oak. If you wish to have a coherent interior, you can easily decorate your dining room – and even your home – with our furniture.

Comfort, quality and creativity

It is our belief that comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of the beautiful design. We believe that comfort and design go hand in hand, and we therefore focus on creating dining chairs that are both comfortable to sit on or in and that will look pretty in any interior.

Three of our core focus areas are comfort, quality and creativity. We design comfortable furniture that goes well together with our other furniture pieces but look great individually as well. And because our design is creative but not abstract and innovate in a way that defeats the purpose of the furniture, all of our dining chairs also work really well with other styles of furniture.

In that way, you can furnish your dining room with oak dining chairs from our assortment and combine them with pieces from other brands, even though their design differs a lot.

Combine furniture from various series

All of our oak dining chairs match perfectly with our other oak furniture. As we primarily use oak wood for our furniture, you can easily mix and match chairs with dining tables. As a general rule, our dining chairs aren’t a part of a specific series.

If you would like to find inspiration for which chairs can be matched to the dining tables in our assortment, you can look at the furniture series and then see which dining chairs and dining tables that are combined. An example is the Eva dining chair that can be combined with the CASØ 601 dining table. These pieces match perfectly with the furniture in the CASØ 600 series.

Oak dining chairs in classic and modern designs

Whether you like a more modern or a classic look, you can find the perfect chairs in oak here. Some of our oak dining chairs are updated classics. CASØ Furniture is collaborating with Koefoeds Møbelfabrik, and this means that we have breathed new life into classics from the 1950s and 1960s.
In the process of bringing back these classic oak dining chairs, we have updated them slightly but maintained what made them unique.
Our oak dining chairs come in a wide range of designs and styles, and some of them have a padded back, and some only have a padded seat. As we believe that dining chairs should be comfortable, all chairs have a padded seat.

Why most of our dining chairs are in oak

We have only good things to say about oak wood. Some of the main reasons why we choose to use oak for most of our furniture is that oak is very durable.
An added bonus is that oak has a beautiful texture and look, and because it rarely warps when exposed to sunlight, it is very suitable for furniture. That also applies to furniture that is placed in a very sunny room that might even have a skylight, so that the wood gets direct sunlight most of the day.
Other good reasons why oak wood is the perfect material include that the wood is resistant to wear and tear, and it takes more to scratch it. The wood looks really good when polished, and this only enhances the aesthetic appeal. Besides these great benefits, it is also very useful that oak wood is quite water resistant, as it is likely that people accidentally spill soda, water or other liquids when dining.

Chairs with a metal frame and leather seats

If you are looking for a different look and feel for your chairs, than the classic oak? If so, perhaps our chairs with metal frames and beautiful leather seats are for you. The metal frame gives a sleek clean look and the leather is both beautiful, easy to maintain and comfortable.

A focus on quality, durability, comfort and design

Our company – CASØ Furniture – focuses on several things at once without compromises. At the heart of our business is the stylish Danish design as well as the great comfort, durability and high quality.

If you see a chair that you find interesting, and that you would like to take a closer look at, you can click on the product. On the top right over the product description, you can find dealers near you by clicking "Locate dealer" and then typing in your location. The dealers will then show on the map.

Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.