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Dining chairs

Peter Hvidolie Sort laeder

Peter dining chair

The Peter dining chair was designed by Niels Koefoed and came to life on the drawing board in 1957. With the light and minimalistic style, this chair became an instant success at its launch.

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Casoe Eva stol

Eva dining chair

"Eva has narrow shoulders, full hips and is a worthy representative of the feminine curves" - Koefoed by CASØ

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2882+2884 2883 Lean Back m. metalstel Cognac

Lean Back

Lean Back and enjoy the great comfort of a well-designed chair.

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caso mr x sot leader

Mr. X dining chair

Designed by the award-winning Spanish designer Enrique Martí Aguilera.

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Esther chair

Esther dining chair

Light, elegant and comfortable - the perfect dining chair

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CASO Sweet seat 2867+2860

Sweat Seat

CASØ Sweet Seat is the chair where comfort and design come hand-in-hand.

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CASO LUX 2866+2855


CASØ Lux can be given multiple expressions from the different available frames

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caso anne 2849 1

Anne chair

The perfect dining chair with great design and even greater comfort

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Magrethe chair+arm HR

Magrethe chair

The queen of the CASØ chairs is back - better than ever before

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CASØ Furniture

The CASØ chairs are all characterized by their high level of functionality, quality, and comfort. Their timeless design makes them a great fit for almost any home and a true necessity for all the CASØ dining tables. Together with the rest of the products from CASØ Furniture, our chairs represent our vision of delivering high-quality products, with service and product development in pride of place. 



Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.