CASO 700 bord, skænke og highboard
Sideboards & highboards

Sideboards and highboards

At CASØ Furniture we carry a broad selection of quality sideboards and highboards made of oak, ready to be delivered to our dealers with short notice. Our sideboards and highboards are varied in their design and look, so you can find just the one that fits into your home. Each sideboard and highboard has been uniquely designed with consideration of details and quality, which means that all of our sideboards and highboards complement each other and other CASØ elements really well, and they also look great on their own.

Sideboards and highboards made of oak and ash

At CASØ Furniture, we have, for several years, been specialized in oak wood, and this is why oak is the material that is most often used for our products. As times change, we think it is important to change too, and therefore we always look into optimizing and developing our products, so they are contemporary and, at the same time, maintain the classic and timeless design, that we excel at creating.

In our selection of sideboards and display cabinets, there are numerous versions made of oak – both solid oak and veneered oak. Besides this, we also have a few models made of solid ash. Ash wood distinguishes itself by being an extravagant material with a great texture.

Sideboards with drawers and glass doors

Our sideboards and highboards are available in a broad selection of various sizes, shapes, colors, and treatments. The commonality for all of our pieces of furniture is that they are primarily made of oak, but the treatment varies from white wood oil to black wood stain.
You find sideboards with both drawers and solid doors, that provide practical storage that is stylishly hidden. Glass doors are also an option, when you have something that you wish to keep on display in your sideboard.

Low sideboard

As the name indicates, this is a low sideboard which doesn’t take up much space in the height of the room. A low sideboard also looks smaller, which gives you practical storage without seeming massive or having a diminishing effect on the room.
The surface of a low sideboard is also a great place to put pictures and other decorative objects on.

Sideboards with a herringbone pattern

At CASØ you also find an assortment of sideboards with the modern herringbone pattern. Our herringbone patterned sideboard can be delivered with different treatments or colors, so the sideboard also fits into your home and style.

Highboards and sideboards with glass doors

Sometimes people want to be able to store things without having to hide them away. If you don’t have the room for several big display cabinets, then a highboard or a sideboard with glass doors or open compartments can be an excellent alternative. With a solution like that, you get the perfect combination of magnificent displays and practical storage space.

Own production

We at CASØ Furniture are very concerned with having a good cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers. This is a contributing factor in ensuring the quick delivery times and the great quality that we strive for.

Additional information at our dealers

If you want additional information about one of our sideboards or highboards, you are, as a private individual, kindly asked to contact one of our suppliers, who can help you with price information, and they can possibly also help you answer any questions you might have.

Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.