420_natur_display_sideboard_thor oval
CASØ 420
420 Display and sideboard Thor white oil 6 Anne
CASØ 420

Stylish series of dining room furniture with exclusive details

CASØ 420 is an elegant and stylish series of dining room furniture. All elements result from a high focus on the little details, which makes for an exclusive expression.

This series is produced of veneered oak with solid legs and handles. It contains to sideboards, a display cabinet, and a TV stand. All are kept in stock in two different varieties - white oil and natural oil. Both varieties are meant to support the stylish design.

The white oil is like an old friend as is always certain to bring a light and elegant expression. The natural oil brings more life into the wood as it emphasizes the grains. 

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Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.