Miljo Top Line 502 + 501 sofabord

Coffee tables, desks & lamp tables

Caso P 12 House 1 HR

CASØ 120 coffee table

Modern table in the CASØ 120 series, characterized by the light design inspired by the retro-style from the 1950's.

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Caso P 12 House 1 HR2

CASØ 120 lamp table

Modern lamp table, from the CASØ 120 series, inspired by the retro-style from the 1950's.

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Casoe sofaborde 501 500

CASØ 500 / 501 coffee tables

CASØ 500 / CASØ 501 coffee tables have a light and nice design with many applications.

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Caso P 12 House 2 HR

CASØ 502 coffee table

The CASØ 502 coffee table matches the rest of the the series with its retro look and round corners and light expression.

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set coffebreak white oil

CASØ Coffeebreak sofabord

Charmerende sofaborde til enhver smag

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Between white oil

CASØ Between sofabord

Firkantede indskudsborde med sort metalstel. Kan bruges sammen eller hver for sig.

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Black stone 2 85x85 cm2342

CASØ Black Stone sofabord

Black Stone sofabordet er med sit rå udtryk den perfekte tilføjelse til det moderne hjem

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Set photo ToplineO60

CASØ Black Stone sofabord, rundt

Runde sofaborde fra CASØ Stone serien, med bordplade i sort fiberbeton for et mere råt look

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Greystone 85x85 konsol set

CASØ Grey Stone sofabord

Kvadratisk sofabord med bordplade i fiberbeton for en slidstærk overflade samtidig med et råt og moderne look

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Grey stone 4 O80 cm2345

CASØ Grey Stone sofabord, rundt

Runde sofaborde med bordplade i grå fiberbeton, der giver en slidstærk overflade. Kombineret med sort, pulverlakeret metalstel har bordene et let og moderne udtryk.

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C Edge 2360

CASØ C-Edge sofabord

Simpelt og elegant sofabord i massiv eg

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Herringbone coffeetable set coffee side

HERRINGBONE coffee table

Elegant coffee table in the popular herringbone pattern

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Thor 1 2357

CASØ Thor 1 sofabord

Pænt sofabord i flere farver

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Thor 3

CASØ Thor 2 sofabord

Smart sofabord med praktisk hylde og klap i den ene ende

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Thor 3 2358 3

CASØ Thor 3 sofabord

Funktionelt sofabord med 2 klapper og hylde

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Thor 4 2359

CASØ Thor 4 sofabord

Et klassisk og elegant sofabord - perfekt til den klassiske stue

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Thor 5 2412

CASØ Thor 5 lampebord

Lille, let og fyldt med funktioner

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Sanne sofabord eg gra O85

SANNE coffee table Ø85

High quality coffee table in a modern design.

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Caso Sanne Coffee table grey 80x802333

SANNE coffee table 80x80

High quality coffee table in a modern design.

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CASØ Furniture

Both our coffee tables, desks and lamp tables are characterized by their high level of functionality and quality. The timeless and classic design makes them an absolute mush have in all homes. Together with the rest of the Furniture from CASØ Furniture, our coffee tables, desks and lamp tables represent our vision of deilivering high quality products, with service and product development in pride of place.

Innovative design

Our vision is to deliver furniture in an innovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place. Design and development is also highly prioritized as we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on future trends - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions.