Caso P 11 01 HR4

Dining tables

CASØ 120

CASØ 120 dining table

The CASØ 120 dining table appears in a light and modern design, inspired by the highly popular retro-style from the 1950's.

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Caso 16.02.25 studio63265

CASØ 120 round dining table

The popular dining table has now been made in a round design with extension.

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CASO 121 sweet seat skaenk tv bord3

CASØ 121 dining table

The popular CASØ 120 dining table has now been made in a new and smaller variant.

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CASO 500 miljo Eva hvid front web2

CASØ 500 dining table

Dining table with dutch extensions

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Cas+ 502 linolium MR X STOL 1 2

CASØ 502 dining table

CASØ 502 dining table with black linoleum for a modern design.

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Caso P 19 502 table HR ps2

CASØ 502 dining table w. black NANO laminate

Super modern and durable table designet by Steffensen&Würtz in corporation with CASØ Furniture.

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Caso P 14 Caso 503 02 HR ps
NEW 2019

CASØ 503 dining table

CASØ 503 dining table appears both light and modern with its round design.

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Caso P 21 503 table HR ps4
NEW 2019

CASØ 503 dining table, walnut

The round form and light expression of the CASØ 503 dining table is a perfect match to the retro look of the rest of the CASØ 500 walnut series.

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CASO 600 miljo web1

CASØ 601 dining table

CASØ 601 dining table is boat-shaped, and has both a light and robust expression.

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Miljo Top Line 603 + 700 reol2

CASØ 603 dining table

Elegant and solid dining table in the CASØ 600 series. Nice finish with stunning details

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CASO 700 Hjemme hos

CASØ 700 dining table

CASØ 700 dining table with nano laminate is both nice, durable and easy to maintain.

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Caso P 20 701 table ps2

CASØ 700 extendable

CASØ 701 extendable is for all those, who would like the opportunity to quickly set the table for the entire family

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CASO 900 Set Anne2
Veneered or solid

CASØ 900 dining table

The CASØ 900 dining table is both classic and modern and greatly an expression for the timeless Scandinavian style.

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CASØ Furniture

Our dining tables are characterized by their high level of functionality and quality. Their timeless design makes sure that they are a perfect fit in all homes. Together with the rest of the products from CASØ Furniture, our dining tables represent our vision of delivering high-quality products, with service and product development in pride of place. 




Innovative design

Design and development is highly prioritized and we put an emphasis on expanding our product range with focus on the trands of the future - where competitive prices and quality are natural companions. Our vision is to deliver furniture in an inovative design, where quality, service and product development takes pride of place.